Adventures in Amazing Races…

It’s no secret that if I had my pick of reality shows to compete in, I’d choose to be on the Amazing Race. Sitting around on a beach bickering and eating snails on Survivor doesn’t appeal to me. Sitting around in a house bickering and – well, just bickering really, on Big Brother doesn’t appeal to me. Since I can’t sing, dance or look at a camera without making a goofy-face, Canadian Idol, Dancing with the Stars and America’s Next Top Model are out. I have no desire to be fired (or hired) by Donald Trump, and Fear Factor is simply out of the question. Jetting off around the globe, participating in frustrating, but culturally symbolic challenges while not being responsible for actively choosing to get rid of other people sounds like something I’d enjoy more.

Recently (well, I saw the episodes recently. I have no idea when they actually originally aired.), on The Amazing Race:Asia, the teams spent 2 episodes in South Korea. It was great to be able to recognize the places, and empathize with the teams as they tried to find their way around Busan by taxi. I laughed so hard when the team from the Philippines complained that Korean drivers stayed in their lanes and obeyed traffic signals. If they were in Manila, they would be able to weave through the traffic. Next time I’m driving, and sputtering at the traffic, I’ll have to remind myself that it’s all a matter of perspective. “It could be worse. I could be in Manila.” I’ll tell myself.

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  1. Or Montreal. While I can’t speak of the traffic in Manila, I am sufficiently terrified of the Montreal Shuffle. Last time we drove East, we found a route north of the city. It was a little longer, but so much more relaxing!

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