Adventures in Rising and Shining…

I remember one winter, my family was catching an early (early!) morning flight from Ottawa to Regina. My Dad came in to wake me up with the chipper rhyme “Wakey, wakey, rise and shine. Tomorrow we get up at half-past-nine.” For some reason, that’s never found it’s way to my memory bank’s exit door. I was thinking of that rhyme yesterday as I contemplated the state of limbo I find myself in this month. Technically, I’m working this month. However, I don’t start work until 1:30pm, which means I have the option of sleeping in every morning, as though I’m on vacation. Once I get to work, it’s so much fun, and goes by so quickly, I feel happy and relaxed and …well, like I’m on vacation!

Torn three ways between the option to sleep in, the desire to sleep in, and the desire to get up and start my day, I occasionally find myself waking up bright and early, then snurling (snuggling + curling) up in my warm blankets in that dozy state between awake and fending off angry forensic scientists with radioactive cheeseburgers. (Don’t ask.) Yesterday, whilst in that dozy state, I was convinced that wake-up times should come with a letter grade. Clear as a bell, I was sure that waking up at 8:30 was a B-. As I tried to figure out the rest of the scoring system, I must have drifted back into a bit of a snooze because the characters from ‘Bones’ were trying to get me to throw my shoes over a brick wall. By the time I woke up again, my wake-up grade had slipped from a B- to a C+.

Perhaps I should just get up the first time I wake up, and avoid the snurling, dozing, and the subsequent mental oddities.

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