Adventures in an Underwater Discovery…

Friday was the last day of the 2008 Daegu University Children’s Winter English Camp. On the last day, we always do a presentation involving singing and dancing and props and pomp. Although I had five students this year, one of them left for a family trip to Japan on the day of the presentation, so I only had 4 little munchkins all alone on the big stage. They look so tiny.

Our presentation was the song Underwater Discovery, and the kids did a great job. Over the course of the program, we made snorkels, and waves and underwater life forms. The only problem came with the line “Riding on a sea horse, that would be so cool.” Unfortunately, their pronunciation, despite my greatest professional efforts, continued to come out missing the ‘s’ in horse. Yes, go ahead, say it out loud without the ‘s’ in horse. I’m not going to type it for you. This is a family page.

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