Adventures in Hillary Hair Hilarity…

Things have been a bit slow lately. My days have been a routine of “Wake up, eat breakfast, go to the gym, shower, eat lunch, sing and dance and play and colour, come home, eat dinner.” After dinner, I’ve been amusing myself with a new application on Facebook called HairMixer. You can see from the photo above what I would look like if I had Hillary Clinton hair. (The Angelina Jolie hair was a disaster.) Looking like me, looking at Hillary looking like me got me thinking about lunch. (It was dinner time. Anything would have made me think about lunch.) I started to think about what former 1st Lady of the US I would like to have lunch with, if given the chance. It was a toss up between Hillary Clinton, Martha Washington or Eleanor Roosevelt. (I had thought about Jackie O, but I think I’d be to intimidated to enjoy my meal.) Who would you choose?

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  1. Your mind is SO fun. Lunch…I’d like to eat with the Carters. Jimmy and the missus…I forget her name, but I think that they have used their lives for amazing things. Yup, that’s my pick.Debie

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