Adventures in …um… not much of anything…

I realize I’ve become a little lax in my postings. I figured I should put something up today, just so you don’t give up on reading this blog entirely. I’ve also included a recent photo, so you know I’m still here. I actually took this picture since I got a haircut today – and this is what it looks like. I’m not sure if it’s the cut or the camera that makes my nose look so big. There are 2 current bang trends here in Korea. Since most stylists find it inconceivable to buck current trends, I had a choice of: (a) the full-length curtain, which can also double as sunglasses, a veil or a hiding place for unruly eyebrows, or (b) short-short bangs, similar to the ones preschoolers are prone to give themselves when left alone with a pair of scissors. Since I had no desire to walk around with my eyebrows raised in a perpetual expression of surprise, hoping to shorten the distance across the vast expanse of forehead, I went with the full-curtain option.

In other news, I’m enjoying my holiday teaching schedule (2 hours of TOEIC and 2 hours of Writing Composition per day). My students are great, and the time goes by really quickly. I’ll be teaching them for another 2 weeks, and then I have February off. I’ll fill you in on my vacation plans as I make them. Right now, I’m planning a 3-day ski trip, a 3-day trip to Seoul, and a 1-day trip to the dentist.

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