Adventures in Automobile Ownership…

I’ve just purchased my very first very own car! I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a 1995 Hyundai Euro-Accent with standard transmission. I bought it yesterday, and took it around campus today to get used to how it handles while parking, reversing, etc. As you can see from the pictures, it came with some rather unfortunate band-aid decals, which, like real-life band-aids, don’t seem particularly anxious to be removed. I don’t mind them though. At least I won’t forget which car is mine! I haven’t decided on a name for it yet. Perhaps if you have any ideas, you could leave a comment and make a suggestion! I’ve been toying with “Vera”, “Daisy” (as in Oopsy-daisy!), and “Margarita”…however, upon reflection, naming a car after a cocktail probably isn’t wise. Unless any of you have a better suggestion, I think she might be a Daisy. Let me know before Wednesday. I figure she should have her name before she’s registered. (Not like they’ll actually ask, it just seems appropriate.)

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  1. I love the band-aid decals! Congratulations on your car! Of the three, I like Vera, but Daisy is cute, too. Part of my brain is pulling for Marge, though. 🙂

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