Adventures in a Korean DMV…

Yes indeed, this afternoon was completely eaten up on a trip to the DLA (Driver’s License Agency). Unlike trips to such places in Canada, the afternoon was not eaten up standing in line. It was eaten up on the 1.5 hour bus ride to get there. Once I got there, I quickly made my way to the “Foreigners and Army only” line. As the only person in the building that qualified for that line, my wait was quite short. It took about 5 minutes to get my photos, current license and passport all sorted out and fill in the forms, then another 5 minutes for a physical exam (an eye test and some deep knee bends), then another 5 minutes to unite the results of the physical with the rest of my paperwork. After that, I bought a can of iced tea at the little snack bar (yes, a snack bar INSIDE the building…take note Canada – it’s a great idea!) and sat, read my book and waited for 30 minutes for my license to be made. I signed for it, put it in my wallet, and hopped back on the bus for the long ride home.

The license is valid until 2016. I’m hoping I’ll be home and have a Canadian license again before this one needs to be renewed.

Oh, and Happy New Year, everybody.

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  1. It’s funny how your mind plays tricks with you as you read “Korean DMV.” The first thing I thought was, “She’s already been to the DMZ, why did she go back again?” The good thing about the license is that you won’t have to turn it into immigration when you do end up leaving for good (like you will with your residence card). It will be a nice souvenir. When I got mine in Daejeon they just gave me the eye test. Funny how I passed it WITHOUT my glasses on. I seriously think they want to push foreigners through as fast as possible so they don’t have to speak English. Even when I pass through police stops they don’t even make me take the breathalyser.

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