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Long long ago, in a decade far, far away (1990’s), a department store known as E-Mart opened in Korea to challenge the arrival of Wal-mart. Last spring, E-Mart declared department store victory as Wal-mart started preparing to retreat from Korea. Personally, I shop at E-Mart all the time. How often? Let’s see…I went in the other day to pick up some lotus root, and realized my pants, shirt, jacket and undies were all from E-Mart. E-mart plays this sickly-sweet E-Mart jingle every hour on the hour, and there have been times, due to a lengthy shopping list, or a deeply rooted browsing-lust, that I’ve heard the “Happy, Happy, Happy E-Mart” song 3 times in an afternoon. If you open my kitchen drawer, you will see a plethora of yellow E-mart shopping bags. Infact, it is those bright yellow bags with a big, black, stylized “E” on them that prompted this posting.

“Why on earth would you write a blog about a plastic bag?” I can hear some of you asking. I can also hear some of you saying “Hooray!!! I can never get enough blogs about plastic bags!!” I worry about some of you.

To get to the point, I was checking out Rick Mercer’s blog ( and he has recently posted another photo challenge. I was scrolling through the pictures of Joe Volpe like you’ve never seen him before, when I noticed that in one of the pictures he was holding an E-mart bag!! (With a baby in it, oddly enough, but an E-mart bag nonetheless.)

Okay, so it’s not earth-shattering news, and it didn’t make me think any lofty or profound thoughts. It made me think “Hey, that’s an E-mart bag.” It also make me think “Who the heck is Joe Volpe?” So before writing this post, I did some homework and found out he’s the guy in the Liberal leadership race who will accept $5,400 from any infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers or other young’uns that feel compelled to donate to his campaign. Infact, my cat was on her way to the post office with a donation before I stopped her and reminded her that $5,400 could buy a whole lot of catnip.

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  1. Volpe is also the fella who signed up a number of folks from beyond the grave. It’s good to have someone looking out for the newly born and newly dead, two overlooked demographics.

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