Adventures in Autumn Descending like a bucket full of cold, wet leaves…

Wednesday, October 18th* – Wow, it’s really warm and sunny. I can’t believe how warm and sunny it is. Hey, what’s that awful haze in the air? I’m starting to get a headache.

Thursday, October 19th – Why did I unpack Fall clothes? Why did I put away all my Summer clothes? I must have a T-shirt here somewhere, it’s so warm. Hey, what’s that awful haze in the air? Why do I have a nasty headache again? Ugh, I feel awful.

Friday, October 20th – It’s so warm, oh yeah, it’s so warm. Sandals again to day. It’s too warm for socks. Really, what is that haze? I bet I’m going to get another headache this afternoon……..yup, here’s the headache. I’m going to bed. Drat, it’s only 6pm. I don’t care. I’m going to bed anyway.

Saturday, October 21st – It’s midterm exam day, and I’m locked in a stale classroom for 6 hours with groups of stressed out and/or sick students. Oh well, at least it’s warm and I’m wearin’ sandals. Oooooh yeah, love the sandals. Hate the haze, love the sandals.

Sunday, October 22nd – Off to Daejeon for church. The sun is shinin’, the haze is hazin’, and the sandals are on. Hey, where did this rain come from? I wonder if it’s raining in Daegu? I think I need to buy a new umbrella, since I left all 5 of my other ones at home. Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone needs a slightly-used umbrella for Christmas?

Monday, October 23rd – Wow it rained a lot last night. Oooooh – look!! The haze is gone!! The sun is shinin’, the air is clear, and the sandals are…..drat. The sandals are going back in the cupboard, and the wooly socks are going on. Autumn has arrived in all her wet and chilly splendour. Huzzah.

*Some dates and events may have been changed to protect the forgetfulness of the author.

Sorry about a post concerning the weather. Since I spent most of last week with a nasty headache, and slept as much as possible, my only other options for my online ramble to amuse myself were:

(a) I bought Catticus a new brush, and she loves it.
(b) I bought Catticus a new collar, and she hates it.
(c) I bought myself a new toothbrush, and I’m ambivilent towards it.

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  1. I think we’re having some “most boring week” weeks. My most exciting day so far has been dusting the top of the fridge and cleaning out the turkey splatter from the oven.

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