Adventures in Knitting…

Every Wednesday night, a few of us ol’ ladies gather for our weekly “Stich’n’B$%#ch”. I’m currently working on an afghan…same one I was working on last year…and judging by the lack of progress, I must be doing more bitchin’ than stitchin’. We all know I can’t do 2 things at once.

A few weeks back, Glenys gave each of us a skein of beautiful wool that she had spun herself. Not having any needles of an appropriate size, I’ve put off starting a project with that wool. Today, I was in a stationary store on an un-related errand, and my eye caught a bag of knitting needles collecting dust on a shelf. I picked the two straightest ones, and added them to my other items. After paying for everything, I did some quick calculations, and discovered I had just paid a whopping $0.30 for a pair of knitting needles. I don’t know what they usually go for, but I think that this pair was a bargain. Here’s hoping they’ll last the 8 years it will take me to finish the scarf.

In other news, nobody around here seems too concerned about North Korea’s latest brouhaha. From what I can see from this persepective, CNN seems more concerned than anybody else.

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  1. In keeping with my general suspicion of all things CNN, it took a few days before it occurred to me to be concerned about you. Glad everything’s alright-ish. But do give us a ring if you’re evacuated, m’dear.

  2. i’ve just started knitting! I’m primo excited and if my schedule weren’t so freakin early to start in the morning, I’d come down and join you for an evening. *Sigh*

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