Adventures in Iceland…

Iceland is such an incredible country. I loved the landscape the first time I saw it from an airplane window. I loved it even more after spending a few days touring around it. It’s capital, Rekyavik, is absolutely the cleanest city I’ve ever been in. Everything is heated with geothermal water, and seems to run so efficiently. This morning, I noticed an article that reminded me of how much I like Iceland. Recently, all the streetlights in Rekyavik and surrounding towns were shut off for 1/2 an hour while an astronomer used a radio station to broadcast what citizens could see in the night sky. How cool is that? Police and public officials used the time to guage what might happen in the event of an unexpected blackout, while citizens used the time to appreciate the solar system. There were no crimes reported during the blackout. How awesome would it be for your city to turn off the streetlights for a little while, so people could look up and marvel at the stars. I think Rekyavik should make that an annual event.

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  1. That does sound really amazing! But just last night I was telling a friend how awesome the stars were in New Brunswick the last time I was home. I guess it’s all relative. The only lights that we see in the sky here are planes taking off or coming in for a landing.

  2. wow… i can’t believe that it’s been almost ten years since jason and i went to iceland on that january whim!kim told me about your blog… i may start one of my own soon too. i miss all you guys… glad to know that you’re all out there, doing well… and spy-on-able via interweb.mwah.

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