Adventures in Not-So-Ordinary Days…

Today started out like any other Thursday, except I didn’t eat breakfast. After my one-and-only class of the day finished at 11am, I was ready to head home for brunch, but I didn’t. My friend Marietjie and I made our way to the Gumdo Hall instead. A local hospital is running a free physical check-up here on campus, and instead of paying $200 for a physical in Seoul, I figured I’d take advantage of the freebie here. As it turns out, my pee, hearing, eyesight, teeth and bloodpressure are all A-OK. I do need to lose a dozen kilograms, and I won’t have the results of my blood test or chest X-ray for a while, but apparently I’m pretty healthy.

After lunch, I had a quick stop to make at the art building where I used to take pottery classes. One of the art students in the office there had asked Jen Jordan and I to sit for a few photographs last semester. She wanted to use the photos to practice painting portraits of non-asians. She told us that when she was finished the portraits, she would give each of us a pencil sketch of ourselves. I stopped by to pick up the pencil sketch, and discovered that there had either been a miscommunication, or the artist had changed her mind. I now have a fully framed oil painting of myself hanging on my wall! It even kind of looks like me.

After hanging the picture, I changed into a pair of Old Navy, just-below-the-waist, Large sweatpants ( just incase Santa is reading this), and an old T-shirt. Since then, my day has proceeded in it’s usual Thursday afternoon fashion.

(10 minutes later…) yup. Still proceeding.

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  1. If you need something to start your Friday off (my Thursday started with spitting tea through my nose), you need to check out Zombies held a Zombie Rights March in Austen, Texas, and were met by a bunch of Pirate Protestors.

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