Adventures in Oddities…

I was just checking the news and chatting with Mom on-line before hitting the sack. In Yahoo!’s odd news section, I found something that I’m convinced is going to produce an awfully unpleasant dream in about 3 hours time…

Apparently, an Australian fan of the late Steve Irwin has decided to feed his newborn son’s placenta to his pet goannas, “to bring his family closer to the giant lizards.” If you want to read the whole article, you should be able to find it at
If you do want to read the whole article, you might also be interested in spending some time slapping yourself in the head with a spatula, or building a replica of Mount Rushmore with earwax. Either of the above activities would be more productive wastes of time. Gross. Really, really gross. G’night, and sweet placenta-free dreams.

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