A Korean Do It Yourself Kit…

People often assume that because I live in a distant country, my life is exciting and somehow exotic. It’s just not true. You can recreate my Korean experience in your very own livingroom. Here’s how:

1. Gather some friends about you. An even mixture of Canadians and Americans is best. Throw in a South African if one is available.

2. Haul out every board game in your closet. For an authentic re-creation experience, you’ll need ‘Boggle’, ‘Scattagories’, ‘Phase 10’ and ‘Scrabble’.

3. Proceed to play the above games for 8 hours straight.

(You may wish to pause at some point and have fried chicken delivered to your door by a guy on a scooter)

4. When you, or one of your companions has to ask “Is ‘hi’ a word?” you’ll know you’ve played for too long, and it’s now safe to go to bed.

<>If you wish, you may drink a cola of your choice while your friends drink beer until they’re unable to spell properly, giving you an advantage. Although, you may still lose.

Yup. That was my weekend. … or 8 hours of it at least. Sadly enough, it really was lots of fun, and we’re planning to do it again soon. If any of you are scrabble players, and have a good stock of “Q” words that don’t need a “u”, let me know!!

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