School Days, School Days…

Yes indeed. I’ve started my holiday ‘fun’. Since I don’t teach again until March 3rd, I’ve chosen to study instead. For the next few weeks, I’ll be brushing up on my Korean skills. Today was the first day and the 4 hours flew by quite quickly. It was all review for me, since I can already read Korean. However, once we move on to sentence structure and grammar junk, it’ll get harder. As part of the course, we also get several ‘activity’ options during the week. I’ll let you know more about those as they occur, and if I participate in them. Today’s activity was a campus tour, and I chose to pass on that one. Next week though, there’s a cooking class and a field trip. Tonight though, I must go study. We’ve got a test tomorrow, and I’m still getting “sea”, “pants” and “butterfly” mixed up.

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