Wednesday was Lunar New Year. So, since all folks Korean would likely be at home doing family things, we thought it would be a great day to head to the ski hill. It was. The hill wasn’t very crowded, and we got a good deal on equipment rentals. Now, keep in mind, I haven’t snowboarded since I was 17, and that was just down a toboggan hill ~ not a mountain. After spending the first 2 hours just trying to stand up, I got in a couple of good runs on the bunny hill. (Followed by a couple of good hours in the outdoor hotub). Thankfully, John had lent me knee pads and a butt pad, which means my only injury was a sprained wrist.

It’s now been two days since the trip, and my muscles are still hollering. The biggest complainers are those little-known, and under appreciated muscles that hold your armpits to your shoulders. It was those little troopers who bore the strain of trying to hoist myself upright. And so, I say “Kudos to You little muscles!! May I never have to use you again!”

The traffic was terrible on the way home, but we did laugh at the ‘temporary’ construction signs permanently embedded in the guardrail ~ followed a few minutes later by a maniquin in a rain slicker and galoshes tied to a post. A mechanized rod made his arm wave up and down, holding one of those airport runway safety baton things. We wondered if that was the construction crew….?

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