Adventures in Icky Yuckies

Alright, my long-suffering readers. It’s time for you to have your say! Here’s how this works:

I’ll list, in order, my experience from the other night. You choose which line you think is most shudder/scream/Eeek! worthy. Okay? What’s worse…

1) A giant cockroach landing on the wall nearby.

2) Foul smell of extra-strength bug killing spray filling your living room (preventing you from wanting to eat the snack you were looking forward to)

3) An angry, sprayed cockroach flying around dive-bombing your head for 10 minutes.

4) A dying cockroach twitching under your desk for a few minutes.

5) The definitely dead cockroach completely disappearing while you slept. (Because it’s impossible to cope with dead bugs when it’s dark outside, waiting ’til morning is best. But how does a giant dead cockroach vanish in less than 4 hours!!??)

So, 1-5, what do you think is the worst?

(The good news is that this is the first cockroach I’ve seen in a very long time!)

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Icky Yuckies

  1. So, my take it is 5. What "took" the cockroach?…With a close second of the bug killing spray smell…you don't want to be breathing or eating that.Small cockroaches are pretty harmless, or so I kept telling myself that when I'd see them in our Halifax apartment. I think I saw 4 in total. Scott would see more, but he told me that much later…Sorry about all the death and dying in your place. But, thankful that you could sleep. Hey, this was fun!Happy Day to You!

  2. Sorry I didn't get a picture of it – it vanished before I got the chance! It was dark brown/black, and about the size of my thumb, but a little wider, plus twitchy long antennae.

  3. Ok, I've been in the tropics. I know cockroaches can grow to be the size of a man's hand. I'm sorry, but the one you're describing is a little bit bigger than your average Toronto cockroach. The poisonous fumes, that's the bit that would bother me, and then the possibility that your cat ate the poisoned roach…

  4. Thanks for participating, everyone! Owen, luckily my cat is afraid of living bugs, and has never shown any interest in dead ones. General consensus around here is that giant black ants-of-the-night devoured it. That makes sense. Dad, I think they're gone now. I hope!

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