Adventures in Options

I’ve been mulling over 2 different pros/cons scenarios today.

1. Skirts vs. Pants.

In keeping with Thai tradition, my university has a dress code. As a result, I have to wear a skirt to class every day. With the exception of mid-late 19th Century hoop skirts, I would usually choose pants 99.9% of the time. I’ve discovered lately that I actually like wearing skirts – even ones without hoops. It’s the pantyhose I dislike. I’m actually quite happy wearing skirts every day here…except when I’m walking near the ditch and worry that a lizard will scurry past and mistake my leg for a tree. I like my little house lizards, but the thought of one tickling the back of my knee gives me the squirmies. So far, that hasn’t happened yet. My Skirts vs. Pants scale has tipped in favour of skirts.

2. Motorbike vs. Car.

Great thing about motorbikes: they’re just awesome. Great thing about cars: when an angry dog is barking and running along right beside you, you don’t have to worry that he might bite you. I had to make my ferocious angry shouting noise tonight to deter the large canine that ran after/alongside me. My Motorbike vs. Car scale is still tipped in favour of motorbikes, but I wish they had dog deterring, leg protecting side panels. 🙂

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