Adventures in Wai Kru

Today we celebrated Wai Kru day at the university. Wai Kru means ‘paying respect to teachers‘. Part of the ceremony involved students from all departments presenting elaborate flower arrangements to the teachers. Here are a couple of examples I took pictures of before the ceremony began. The pictures are lousy, but it gives an idea of what the arrangements looked like:

The ceremony also included the following choral chant type thing. It was in Thai, but my phonology professor gave us a translated copy. To all you teachers out there, this Wai Kru’s for You…

I wish to respectfully greet and honour
my teachers who have enriched my life through learning
who are bestowing knowledge and instilling morality in my life.

I wish to express my deepest respect and acknowledge your abounding goodness.

With heartfelt admiration I wish to express my deepest gratitude
through diligence and discerning wisdom
to complete my studies and live a full life
being a good moral example
to bring honour and glory
and great benefit for my people and country.

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