Adventures in Daily Life

I thought I’d take some pictures of my daily routine, before everything starts to look … well, routine. I have class 4 mornings / week, so these are some pictures from what I do on schooldays.

When I leave my apartment, this is the road I walk down. The university is at the very end.

There is a baseball / cattle field on either side of the road.

As I get closer to the university, there’s a cluster of snack carts and restaurants. Sometimes I get fresh fruit or an omelet here, and carry it to campus.

Just past the snack carts is the bridge that leads onto the campus:

I walk past green spaces and wet spaces before I get to my breakfast space.

I usually sit at a picnic table, enjoy the view, and either eat my fruit, omelet, or if I’m really hungry, pork & rice wrapped in a banana leaf:

After class, I have lunch with my friends from the Philippines. (One friend is missing, since she’s taking the photo).

After lunch, I go home and rest. Sometimes, my mini lizard (who likes to play hide-and-seek) will have found a particularly clever place from which to surprise me.

After my heat-of-the-afternoon rest, I usually start my homework before heading out to find some dinner when it gets cooler.

There you have it. My daily routine.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Daily Life

  1. Hi Deb, This is the most direct route for me, and it takes about 10-15 minutes. (It would be less, but I'm walking really slowly in this heat!)

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