Adventures in Bare Digs

Here are some pictures of my new apartment. As I mentioned earlier, it’s bare, beige and bland. After I get a little bit of personality injected into it, I’ll post some more pictures. For now though, this is what I’ll be calling home:

This is the living room.

*Note how comfortable the park bench/church pew sofa looks! I’m getting a perkier sofabed delivered on Wednesday. You’re welcome to come visit anytime after that.

The Pseudo-Kitchen

My blue tiled bathroom

The bright sunny bedroom, and view from my bedroom balcony

And finally, a quick shot from my daily walk to campus

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Bare Digs

  1. It's definitely neat and tidy! You have a very large bed. Can't wait to see how you Janicize the place!Tell us more about where you are … I had the impression that it was urban-ish, but then there are cows on the way to campus, so I'm confused.

  2. I'm in Chiang Mai, which is urbanish, but my university has kind of an ABU/Moncton relationship location wise. It's on the outskirts of town, so 5 minutes in 1 direction brings me to fields of cows, 5 minutes in the other direction takes me to a Carrefour mega-mart and a big highway.

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