Adventures in an Unexpected Blink

Yesterday was Chuseok – generally referred to as the Korean Thanksgiving. Traffic is usually utter mayhem the day before and the day after, as the entire country makes their way back to parents’ or grandparents’ homes.

To be truthful, traffic in Korea usually has a twinge of mayhem in it anyway. Drivers are skillful, but often impatient and … well… rude, by Canadian driving standards. Imagine my surprise while I was driving to church yesterday and I recieved a ‘courtesy blink’ from another driver! A car came barrelling up on my rear bumper at an alarming speed, so I squeezed myself in between two buses in the next lane to let him pass. Once he was passed, I pulled back out into my original lane. Immediately, the speedy car gave me a 2-flash 4-way flasher blink!

It was a courtesy blink – the likes of which I’ve never seen in Korea before!!! I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

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