Adventures in Little House on the Prairie


I’m now back in Korea after a lovely vacation, and should be back to my semi-regular musings soon. I thought I should take a moment though and wish Little House on the Prairie a happy 34th birthday! That’s right – on September 11th, 1974, viewers were introduced to the TV versions of Ma, Pa, Laura and Mary Ingalls…and endured (ahem…loved) the sappy, drippy, wholesome storylines for many years.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Little House on the Prairie

  1. Thanks, Mel. I was actually hemming a pair of pants last week (by hand) and spent the whole time imagining I was in a log cabin on the prairie…and somehow watching Law & Order at the same time didn't manage to diminish the moment. Ah, mental compartmentalization!

  2. I should introduce the kids to LHotP. They are still talking about their visit to UCV, and Kaitlyn would love to be a Time Traveller. Logan just wants to go back to play on the swings.I’m about to go cut more drywall. I wonder if pretending I’m making a log cabin will make it less tedious!

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