Adventures in Rhythm …

Some of you may be a bit bemused by the title of this post. Everyone know I have no rhythm. However, one of the things I really enjoy about the job I have is that every semester, the rhythm of my life changes. Every semester, I get a new schedule, and the first week or two are quite hectic: finding classrooms hidden in different buildings around campus, meeting new students, finding times to fit in things like lunch and the gym. In the midst of this semi-annual upheaval, patterns start to develop, and the rhythm of each week starts to take on a distinct beat. As I’m focusing on getting stuff done, and remembering where I’m supposed to be at what time, I start to notice certain things just seem to be happening at certain times. This autumn, I have discovered a new rhythm that I really enjoy. After I get home from my last class each day, I put the kettle on. While the water is boiling, I change into my comfy house-clothes and prepare my teapot. As the tea is steeping, I either water the plants or hang up a load of laundry. As I sip my cup of tea, I take out my school folder, and finish any residual bits of paperwork I’ve left floating about all day in “I’ll Do It Later Land”. Then I finish my tea as I shut down my work-brain and rev up my groovin’ and chillin’ brain. Last week, as I was discovering this new ritual which had found its way into my days, I thought to myself “What a lovely way to remember to water the plants!”

An aside: Yesterday was the first day in over a week that we saw the sun. It’s been pouring rain everyday since the semester started at the end of August. That’s quite something, considering July is the rainy season.

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