Adventures in two completely unrelated things…

The Daegu University Student Spring Festival just wrapped up last night. On the main stage during the evening was what Tracy assured me was a ‘spinning’ demonstration. Since the only spinning I know involves a wooden wheel and sheep shavings, what was happening on the stage looked more like synchronized stationary bike pedaling. I can’t believe people do that for fun/exercise/entertainment. Since I’m not a big fan of stationary bikes to begin with, I can’t imagine combining such an activity with my complete lack of rhythm and coordination. Dancing and cycling…the worst of both worlds!!

The other thought I had was while I watched (Yes, I’m sorry to say I did watch) the season finale of The Bachelor. I was thinking, “If the Bachelor was filmed in Utah, would he really have to choose between the final two contestants?” Couldn’t he just marry ’em both? Something the network might want to think about. (Or something Fox could pick up. Or is it already on Fox? I have no idea.)

It’s a lovely day today, and a holiday to boot, so I’m going to pull myself away from the computer and finish my coffee on the balcony.

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  1. Ah, a nice hot morning beverage. When our air conditioner came on before 8 this morning (it’s set at 25C), I forwent my morning tea and had a morning Freezie. Yay, summer!-Jen

  2. Nice. I should switch to my morning smoothie soon, but there’s still something so nice about ‘putting the kettle on’ despite the heat.

  3. I know. By lunch time, I wanted a cup of tea. Not wanting to deal with the heat of a kettle, I “turned the microwave on” instead. And sat down in the basement to drink it.-Jen

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