Adventures in Odds’n’Ends…

I guess it’s high time for an update. I have a few things to share today.

1. Happy 40th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad.

2. Remember that brave plant that had the fortitude to bloom in my house? I’m afraid I repaid its bravery today by sucking up one of its robust leaves in my vacuum. I think I scared it.

3. We went for lunch at the Mexican restaurant yesterday. The food was good, and it was really nice to have some good ol’ Canadian poutine with it. The unfortunate part is that we all shared and tasted each others orders, and I don’t think the combination of Mole Enchiladas, Burritos, Poutine and brownies sat well afterwards. Even so, it’s worth a repeat.

4. We’re planning a 1980s birthday bash for Saturday. Does anyone remember what we ate at 80s parties? I can just remember hot dogs and chips from our birthday parties. Are there any grown-ups out there who ate grown-up 80s food at grown-up 80s parties?

5. Eli’s little kitty, who was on deaths door this time last week, has made an amazing recovery. Catticus was down the hall sniffing enthusiastically at Eli’s door and can’t wait for Clio to get her shots so she can come over and play.

6. I’ve decided that numbered or bulleted lists, while easy to write and read, are the stylistic equivalent to being served a Twinkie for dessert at a 5-star restaurant. It’s just not classy, and more than a little disappointing. I apologize. However, on the bright side, numbered lists don’t taste like socks, or make you fat. I suppose that’s some consolation.

That’s all. I’m off to finish cleaning, and see if I can’t find some legwarmers or stirrup pants.

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  1. 4. Have you consciously forgotten what mom and dad made for guest dinners in the ’80’s? May I remind you of just a few? Meatless meatballs, cabbage rolls, tongue. Need more?Love,Jen

  2. Hey–those were special events which no one took seriously. Besides, the meatless meatballs were good (for paving the driveway); the tongue should have been good if we had had the right ingredients, cabbage rols are always good. So what is Jen complaining about?Love you.Dad

  3. Ooooooh, now it’s all coming back. Little red flecks of calcium tablets in our Cream of Wheat…yellow tomatoes in a casserole so we wouldn’t recognize them at tomatoes…thanks Jen. Seems like I had forgotten! I think I like cabbage rolls now though, and I did like the meatless meatloaf mom made.

  4. The meatloaf was good, but I’ll never be friends with a cabbage roll. Come to think of it, the only veggies we eat cooked are the frozen ones. The rest we just eat raw.And the special events were always memorable.-Jen

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