Adventures in the demise of a Vacation…

Yup, tomorrow the intrepid and courageous teachers of DaeguDae start another semester. Last night we had our staff orientation dinner (fabulous buffet) and everyone got caught up on everyone else’s vacations. Today Mike came to visit and we hung out downtown. After he left, I treated myself to a great manicure (with little white flowers painted on the ring-finger nails.) Then, to top off the evening, a group of us gathered around for Jen’s Bacardi Rum Cake and Bahama Mama’s ~ directly from Nassau iteself. We also looked at her pictures from the Bahamas and Karin and Lakka’s pictures of Cambodia and Vietnam. Everything looked so warm and tropical and sunny. Now, I’m wondering why on earth I’m in Korea. It snowed here this morning. Anyway, we all bid adieu to our vacations and are gearing up to start classes tomorrow morning. I can’t believe I’ve been at this job for 2 years already.

So, farewell Winter Vacation, and hello Spring Semester.

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