Adventures in Stupid Dreams…

Last night, I had a lovely sleep. When I woke up (yes, again at 7:30 even though it’s Saturday) I remember thinking to myself “Hey, that was a great dream. I should write that down.” Instead of opening my eyes and grabbing for a pencil, I instead chose to wrestle my blankets back from the cats and go back to sleep for an hour.

When I woke up again, I could only remember parts of my dream, and boy oh boy are they really NOT worth writing down. You know me though, I’m going to write ’em anyway!

Part 1: I accidentally flushed someone else’s clothes down the toilet. The clothes were sitting on the toilet (not in it) and I had to pee, so I flushed the toilet first and WHOOOSH!! the toilet just sucked the pile of clothes right down. Next thing I know, I’m trying to explain via limited Korean and complicated Charades just exactly what happened. Go ahead – you try it! I dare you. Try to explain to someone that you flushed their clothes down the toilet BY ACCIDENT, but the only words you can say are ‘water’ and ‘bathroom’ and every time you try and say ‘clothes’, the word ‘flower’ comes out. HA! It’s not so easy now, is it???

Part 2: Someone played a practical joke on our office, and turned all our office furniture into chocolate. The computers, phones and everything still worked but were made of yummy cocoa. I was getting frustrated because the person I shared an office with kept eating the phone cord and the computer keys. Why s/he couldn’t eat something like the potted plants or the pencils I don’t know. They had to go straight for the stuff I was trying to use.

See – it wasn’t nearly as exciting as it had seemed to me earlier this morning.

Notice: I’ve added a link on the sidebar to The Mealey Blog. Please use it if you want to keep up-to-date on those Marvelous Mealeys!

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