Adventures in packing…

34 more hours, and I’ll be on a plane bound for Thailand. Well, actually I’ll be on a plane bound for Seoul, so I can connect to the plane bound for Thailand. Even so, I’ve just finished packing and am ready to go! It’s not as though Thailand will be any cooler, or less humid than Korea, but somehow it seems more bearable when there’s a white sandy beach under you, and salty aqua surf infront of you. So, I may not be posting for a while, but hopefully will have some pictures for you early in September. I’ve also never been snorkling or windsurfing before, but I figure if my Gramma could go snorkling last year, maybe I’ll be able to manage it too. (Does snorkling have an ‘e’ in it?) What a fun word…snorkle, snorkl, snork. snork. HA! I love words. No, I haven’t been drinking. I just like the sound of ‘snorkle’. It ranks right up there with ‘duck’ and ‘barnacle’ and ‘macadamia’.

…I’ve just read the above post. I really think it’s time for a vacation. Snorkle.

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