Adventures in Golf…

Yup, I did something today I’ve never done before. I went to a driving range. There were 5 of us all together, and I think I hit around 300 balls (taking about 600 swings, of course). My arms are a bit sore, but it was more fun than I thought it was going to be. Most of us are pretty inexperienced, so I think some of the skilled Korean golfers were a bit amused (bemused?) by us. Nevertheless, we had a good time. We also plan to hit the batting cages and the bowling alley in the near future – just to make absolutely certain that our skills really and truly don’t lie in the world of sport.

Adventures in Toilet Seats…

Some of you may recall from past posts that many washrooms in Korea are equipped with what I call ‘space toilets’, because they look a little bit like Captain Kirk’s chair aboard the Enterprise. There are a bunch of buttons on the side that control the bidet, the post-bidet blow dryer, and the temperature guage for the heated seat. They are so common here that I don’t even think twice about them anymore. So, when I was watching Las Vegas tonight, I didn’t even notice the seat on the toilet in the episode. Lo and Behold, the seat played an important role in the show! During the discussion about the toilet seat which was imported from Korea, the guy mentioned that they would soon be a hot item in the USA. I had to shake my head in wonder. The seats cost over $250 each. I can’t imagine anyone I know paying that much money for a toilet seat. I’m guessing the same folks that would spend that much on their toilet seat are the same ones that would spend over $300 on ‘doggie stairs’ to make it easier for their pooches to climb up on the sofa. I know that personal spending is all a matter of priorities, but people, please, lets have some perspective! No one should be able to rationalize paying $250 for a heated toilet seat…unless they’ve committed themselves to reading the collected works of Hemmingway whilst perched on the potty in the middle of winter. Even so, I have no doubt that the guy on Las Vegas was right. Heated toilet seats will indeed be a hot item in North America pretty soon.

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