The times they are a changin’…

Ahhh, Bob Dylan. Seems to me that some of the (best?) singers that came out of the 60’s had the worst voices. Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Mick Jagger certainly lack the melodic and dulcet tones usually appreciated in singers. This observation is an aside however. The real reasons for using Dylan’s lyric as my introduction today are as follows:

1) I’m working my way through the Anne of Green Gables books for some light summer reading. I have always felt a kinship with the impetuous, quick-tempered Anne of the original book. This summer however, it’s taken me all the way to book #4 “Anne of Windy Poplars” before I found myself nodding my head thinking “yup, I know how that feels”.

2) I discovered it now costs $185 to be a Young Interpreter at Upper Canada Village. I held that much beloved role for 2 summer as a volunteer (this was before I got a job there that actually paid me to dress up).

3) My favourite treat during the summers I worked at Upper Canada Village was when my campers made and brought back “Butterscotch Squares” for dessert. I was thinking of them the other day, and hunted down the recepie. My first thought was “Ooooh, but they have alot of sugar – and all that butter can’t be good for you”. That never used to be my first thought when it came to yummy food.

4) During a quiet lull in the afternoon, a time when I would usually daydream, or read or try to give myself 1940’s era hairstyles, I did none of those things. Instead I thought “I think my bathroom drains need a good scrubbing”. How responsible of me. (In Korea, our bathrooms have drain holes in the floor. Every once in a while, the little hair-muck-grime-scum filters get clogged up with hair, muck, grime and scum and need to be cleaned out with rubber gloves, chopsticks, a toothbrush and some determination.)

5) I’ve been using my air conditioner lately. Up until this summer, I haven’t had any use for the things. Winter is long enough as it is without blowing it into your livingroom during the summer too. And yet, here I am sneaking it on for an hour here and there, feeling guilty all the while. Like I’ve committed a crime against my own convictions.

There. Those are just little things, but since they’ve all jumped upon my concious mind today, they seem to have conspired en mass to remind me that the times, indeed, are changin’.

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