I’ve just logged on to write a new post and have realized I’m at a loss for words. Let’s see what I can dredge up…

1-The cats are no longer fighting, they’re ‘playing’ instead. The only difference is that there’s now no hissing.
2-I’m back at work now. If you can call it that. Today I sang songs and drew and coloured aliens with 6 sweet kids for a few hours, then was home by 2pm. Not bad for a days work. I’m teaching the children’s summer program here at the university, afterwhich I still have 10 more days of holiday. I’ve got my sights set on Thailand.
3-I finally read the newest Harry Potter book. I was quite surprised, but I didn’t cry (like some people I know!)
4-Oh! Oh! Oh! I thought of one that will come as a surprise to all … I went to the gym! 2 day in row! Okay, that was last week, and I haven’t been back since, but I was on a roll there for a little bit.
5- It’s been Kids Week, and now Teen Week on Jeopardy. I’m feeling quite smart these days. However, it’s also got me thinking that perhaps my academic knowlege base has been deteriorating for the last decade. (Especially considering my reading material is no longer Jane Austin or Joseph Heller but J.K. Rowling instead) Hmmm, alot of good authors start with the letter “J”. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Alrighty folks. Sorry you’ve had to read all that. You may now resume your daily activities with a fresh sense of purpose – since you’ll be secure in the knowledge that whatever you’re doing today is probably a little more exciting that what I’m doing. If not, at least you know you’re in good company.

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