Not much has been happening lately in my awake hours, but I’ve been keeping a ‘dream journal’ since February. Here are some exerpts:

March 5.
I was in prison ~ Martha Stewart style. However, I couldn’t find my name on any of the team activity lists (which were written in English and Korean), so I always felt I was late for something, but I didn’t know what.

March 6.
I ate a sea-cucumber, and it was gross. I tried to spit it out, but one little piece in the middle of my tongue kept growing back. I’d wipe it off, but it would grow back and keep wiggling.

April 3.
Toilet plungers and potted plants. That’s what last nights dreams were made of.

April 12.
I was supposed to be getting married at a roadside diner/gas station. When we arrived to set up, the army had comandeered the area. Luckily, I had my own Stealth Helicopter, and while I distracted the soldiers with tours of the helicopter, my friends set up the wedding in the woods behind the diner.

May 22
Queen Elizabeth was getting married again (I don’t know what happened to Prince Philip, but I seem to think he was invited to the wedding) and I was invited to the wedding too, because Prince Charles was my professor. I arrived a few days prior to the nuptuals and helped the groom make mincemeat, while my Mom and Dad helped the Queen roll candied fruit in marzipan.

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