What a day.

7:14am. I get a text-message from my student, wondering why I’m not at the office. I politely clarified for him that his make-up exam was supposed to be at 11:00am, NOT 7:00am.

9:00am. Still sleeping. I’m dreaming of a sweaty mechanic (don’t ask, and no, it wasn’t that type of dream). I wake up with my arm wrapped around my head, and realize it’s me that needs a shower, not my dream.

11:00am. I meet my student for his make-up exam, and intend to go to the bank downstairs afterwards. My bankbook and wallet are both still at home. drat.

1:00pm – 3:00pm. I’m in class listening to my students speaking exams. The first 3 pairs came in with absolutely nothing prepared, and stared at me in silence until I told them to come back on Friday.

4:00pm. I’m cutting a piece of cheese, with my hand carefully placed on the back edge of the knife. My hand slips and I manage to stab myself in the thumb anyway. As I’m rinsing off the blood, the phone starts ringing, and stops as soon as I’ve grabbed a paper towel.

5:25pm. I didn’t know the answer to Final Jeopardy

8:00pm – 10:00pm. Grading exams. Question: How many children do you want to have? Answer: Yes. I am will going swim yesterday. Did I teach them anything??

10:22pm. I think I have a sty in my eye.

I’m going to bed, and will try again tomorrow!

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