My friend Mike also has a Blog (see the link on the sidebar). His Blog is titled “Something About Nothing”, and each entry begins with “Something About….” and then his topic for the day. I think it’s a great idea. Now, everytime I sit down to write an entry, I want to start it with “Something About….” It’s catchy.

If I were to follow Mike’s example, todays post would be titled “Something About Yellow Puddles”. Those of us who were raised in the snowier parts of the world understand the wisdom behind the admonition “Don’t eat yellow snow”, so I’m familiar with the existence of yellow snow. Until moving to Korea though, I was never familiar with yellow puddles. Now I am. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been covered in Yellow Dust for weeks now. Even after new clouds of the stuff stopped moving in, we hadn’t had any rain yet to wash it away. Cars, streets, tables, desks, bikes, etc. were all covered with a heavy layer of yellow dust. Last night, the rain finally came by the bucketful. (Hooray!) We watched bright yellow rivulets of water flow past our apartments. This morning, puddles rimmed with bright yellow rings were everywhere. But if you step in ’em, you wind up with bright yellowness clinging to your shoes. So, they’re pretty, but not much fun to play in.

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