Happy Easter!!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. I read the Easter story this morning before taking the cat to the vet (again), and then had the benefit of seeing the Easter story illustrated in Leggo at www.bricktestament.com check it out! It’s a fun site. It beats those Sunday School flannel graphs.

Catticus is doing fine. She’s eating and kissing and purring again, which is great. She’s still wearing a big funnel on her head so she won’t lick the stitches, but she’ll come up to me and try to lick my nose ~ and bonk me on the head with the funnel. She’s also pleased that the vet says she won’t have a scar. Thank goodness ~ I know she was worried about that one! (?!)

This afternoon we had an Easter potluck. It was supposed to be a barbeque but it rained. After we’d eaten, I brought out some white eggs (hard to find here, they’re mostly brown shells) and a dye kit that Mom sent last year. I’d hardboiled some eggs yesterday, but not enough, so we thought it would be fun to blow some too. I did the first one, since many of the others hadn’t done it before. After that, whoever wanted to try did. One of my friends asked me to put the holes in her egg for her, which I did. The others were doing well hollowing out their eggs, but she kept blowing and blowing and her face was turning red. Finally it dawned on her that I’d passed her a hardboiled egg! I hadn’t done it on purpose, but I wish I had! It made for a good laugh.

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