I read a headline this morning in the Canadian Press:

“Study finds link between problem gambling and abundance of VLTs”.

Really? I think we should now also commission some studies on the link between peanuts & peanut butter, computer use & Microsoft employees, and I think there may also be a connection between pollution and the abundance of pollutants in the air!!

In all fairness though, the study should do some good. Newfoundland and Labrador plan to reduce the number of VLT’s in the province. But it leads me to wonder why a study is needed to state the obvious before policy makers will consider it? Have the folks in charge lost all common sense?

In other news, I’m taking Catticus to the vet tomorrow to get her fixed. I’ve tried to tell her, but I think she’s hoping I’ll forget. Oh good grief…I’ve become one of those people who talk about their pets as though they’re people. Sorry. Let me rephrase: I’ve tried to tell her she’s going to the vet, but she no more understood that then anything else I’ve ever said to her.

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