I was trying to explain the book “Baby Animals Learn” to my kindergarteners. I started by explaining that they used to be babies. (hard to do, when they don’t have any understanding of English in the past tense.) So, I counted down… “Beth, how old are you?” “6”. We all held up six fingers, and counted down to 1…when Beth was a baby. I repeated this a few times, and they started to catch on. Then, to fill them all with awe, I revealed that “Janice Teacher is TWENTY-EIGHT!!” (Insert squeals of laughter here). Then, we counted down many,many,many years until Janice Teacher was a baby. …. This is when little John (not to be confused with Robin Hood’s sidekick) understood completely, and got up and ‘lifted’ me up (or tried to) as though he was cradling an infant. From that point on, for the rest of the lesson, I was “Baby Teacher”.

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