One of my 1st graders was relying a little too heavily on picture cues. We were going through a series of pictures, showing an animal eating, as we practiced the phrase pattern – “Squirrels eat ….nuts. Panda’s eat…bamboo, Bears eat…fish”. Finally, we came to the last picture, of a boy sitting down to a meal with his family, at which point I learned that “People eat…their families”! Yuck!

I haven’t written much lately, as we’ve started “Intensives”. Yes, it’s winter vacation for boys and girls across Korea….a time when all good parents enroll their kids for EXTRA classes at their extra-curricular learning centers. Yup, now that the poor kids are on holidays, they have lots of extra time to rush between extra Math, Computer, English, Piano and Taekwondo classes. That means that we’re all working extra hours too.

We’ve got a decent holiday coming up in a week and a half though. I (and some friends) are planning to go to the DMZ that divides North and South Korea. It should be an interesting trip!

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