Hooray for Holidays!!!

Wahoo!!! Our boss just decided to give us Boxing Day off! So instead of 24 hours off for Christmas, we’ll have 4 days. Sweet deal.

She’s also added 2 extra days to the lunar New Year holiday, which will work out to be an unprecedented NINE DAY holiday in January. Yes, I know that doesn’t mean much to those of you with vacation time in your jobs, but here I’m nearly beside myself with giddiness. Yes indeed – giddy giddy giddy.

To make the joy even greater, both Mike and Paula are planning to travel outside Korea during that time. I’ll have the apartment to myself for DAYS!! oh sweet bliss. I love living by myself. Infact, I’m pretty sure that if I ever get married, I’m going to make my husband live next door with the neighbours.

Oh – also, this weekend Gina, Liam and I are heading to the cultural city of Jeon-ju and staying in a traditional inn. AND seeing Lord of the Rings in their new theatre. Good times all around.

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