Mittens, Change and Turkey…

I got new mittens. With idiot strings. They’re striped ~ the 1st stripe matches my orange fleece, the 2nd matched my gray sweater, the next 3 match the great scarf Ken gave me for my birthday, and after that it’s every colour for themselves. I miss my Grandmas mittens though. I didn’t think it would be cold enough for them here.

Yesterday as I was biking to pottery class, I thought about change. Mostly because the path/road I usually take was all torn up, so I ended up splashing and sliding through the mud on my Mary Poppins bike. (I had a few really nice things to say about the guy who invente paved roads). That got me thinking about how they had waited until after the rice harvest to rip up the road…which got me thinking about how much i had enjoyed watching the rice during it’s growing season…which got me thinking about how nice it would be to settle down sometime and have a piece of land that I could watch go through the seasons year after year. I think these thoughts also come from facing another move in the next few months. The only time I think about settling is when it’s time to pack up my life again. That part sucks, but as long as I keep loving where I wind up, ( I always do) I can’t see how I’ll ever stop.

And finally – Turkey!!! (A rare bird indeed in this part of the world) We had a fabulous Christmas dinner after a candlelight service at church today. Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and pumpkin pie…and of course, kimchi. I’m not a huge fan of turkey, but there are some times during the year that just aren’t right without it. So now, it’s a warm sunny Sunday afternoon, and I’m full of Turkey ~ there just isn’t any other option but to have a nap…mmmmm.

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