I’ve found a new webpage that’s always good for a laugh…especially for anyone who’s lived in Asia. It’s http://www.engrish.com …it’s a lot of pictures of humourous misuses of the English Language. Most of them are from Japan – but you’re just as likely to see similar errors in China or Korea.

In pottery today I made a mug! After months of nameless shapes, I’ve finally made something I recognize!!! Hooray!!! I’m not saying the other stuff isn’t pretty, or doesn’t serve a function – I’m just saying I’m not 100% sure what they are. But today…oh yes, today. The breakthrough. The crowning achievement. The mug. There was some concern though – it spent part of the afternoon looking remarkably like a bowl. A little more squishing and pinching helped, but it was really the addition of the handle that helped define it’s role in this world. (Let’s hope it makes its way out of the kiln safely)…..

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