My friend Ken has a new job at a ‘pissbong’ … translated as PS (Playstation) Bong (room). We go to visit him every so often….and wind up staying for an hour or two or three as we try to improve our gaming skills. I’m still at the ‘you suck’ level, but hope to work my way up to ‘hopeless cause’ by the end of the month.

My favourite innocent cusser is moving to Seoul next week, so I won’t have him in my classes anymore. Sad. His lisp, combined with his accent made me smile. Every Monday, in respose to my query “What did you do this weekend?” he replies “I played f**ker wif my friends” when really, he means soccer.

Speaking of innocent cussers, I taught my l’il kids the song “Shoo Fly, don’t bother me” … and some of my really wee ones have trouble pronouncing lots of syllables at once. So their adorable rendition came out sounding like “Shoo Fly, don’t f**k with me”. Which, considering the size of the local insect population, I think a harder line with the buzzers might just be in order!

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