Adventures in Rainy Season

4 Reasons Why Rainy Season Makes Me Feel Like a Kindergartener Again:

1 – Some puddles are just too big to go around, I just have to roll up the pant legs and splash on through.
2 – All outdoor fun might be cancelled because it’s wet outside, but school never is.
3 – Cookies and milk taste better when eaten in a cozy house while listening to the sound of pouring rain.
4 – I have to carry a change of dry clothes in my backpack…just in case my pants get wet (for a different reason of course, but it’s still uncomfortable to be stuck in soggy drawers all day!)

1 thought on “Adventures in Rainy Season

  1. I'm really enjoying your ads. For example, is the very efficient- looking knife for kindergarteners, or for hacking your way through a jungle in rainy season? Perhaps it's for opening your milk jug.My favorite part of three days of rain is to get dressed in fuzzy stuff and enjoy a cup of tea. -Jen

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