Adventures in Being Pick-up-able

Thais don’t walk. I’ve been told this by Thais and foreigners alike. Apparently, it’s so unusual to walk places, that in the past 2 weeks, as I’ve either been walking to school (10 minutes) or to Carrefour (8 minutes) I’ve had 4 people stop and offer me rides. Maybe I look lost. Maybe I look pick-upable.

Nowadays, even though I don’t have to walk everywhere because I bought a motorbike, I still like to get at least some exercise now and again.

I always wear a helmet, but my spare one is a little too big for the cat.

As for the areas of my life that don’t pertain to vehicles:

I did well in my Grammar course, and discovered that I may have actually enjoyed myself a little bit. I especially enjoyed the units on morphology.

I found a teaching job (3hrs/week), that fits nicely with my own study schedule. Ironically, 3/5 of my students are Korean. Really, what were the odds of that?

My final 3 boxes of books and photos finally arrived from Korea on the very day that I was about to start calling every post office I could find and try to track them down.

I’ve also learned a great timing trick. Now that the rainy season has started, I wait until the wind picks up and the sky darkens in the afternoon before I leave for Carrefour. That gives me just enough time to get there before it starts to rain, and by the time I’m finished my shopping, the rain has stopped and it’s 8 degrees cooler for my walk home!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been here almost 2 months already – how did that happen? Honestly, I woke up this morning, and before opening my eyes, I had to do a mental check to try and remember where I was: Korea? Regina? Trenton? Montreal? Victoria? Vancouver? Chiang Mai? It’s all a blur! Later in the day, I wanted to ask a shopkeeper a question, and was frustrated, because I could ask my question in English, French, Korean and even remembered that particular question in Chinese…but didn’t know where to begin in Thai. Even my trusty body language failed me completely. With 44 consonants, 32 vowels and 4 tone markers, learning Thai is going to take a while.


1 thought on “Adventures in Being Pick-up-able

  1. Congrats on your results! And on your spiffy new transportation option! You might need to get a smaller helmet for Lil Cuss, but she's already a biker so maybe you can teach her to ride along with you!

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