Adventures in Night Bazaars

Before I talk about my day, I thought I’d include some pictures of my modes of transportation in Chiang Mai. If I’m not walking, I’m most often taking a Seong Taew (Red Cab), a tuk tuk, or catching a ride on the back of a friend’s motorbike (with a helmet, of course!)

Tonight, my friends and I took a Seong Taew to the Night Bazaar. We browsed through all the Thai touristy trinkets you can dream of, on a hot breezy night, surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds and geckos. In fact, I can hear a gecko now, but I’m not sure if s/he’s in my apartment or on the outside of my screen door. I don’t mind if s/he’s inside though, since they are lovely harmless little things that eat bugs. Hooray for lizards!

Ah, I wasn’t intending to type about lizards, I just got sidetracked. Back to the Bazaar: I was looking for some small table lamps to light up a dark corner of my apartment, and a skirt. (Students at the university here have to wear a uniform. Fortunately, grad students are exempt, but we are expected to wear skirts to class.) I found both…and spent a grand total of $12. I found a lot of other great things too, but I didn’t buy ’em. I’m learning to shop from a list!

I’m finding it a little strange living on my own. I know that sounds odd, since I haven’t had room mates for most of the last decade, but I’ve always had good friends close by. I spend a lot of time alone, but so far it hasn’t bothered me. In some ways, it’s good since it forces me to go out and do things in the community…and do my homework. I thought I would watch a lot of TV, especially before I got my computer, but the only English channels I get are Fox News and Aljazeera. So, I watch Fox for entertainment (it kind of gives me horror-movie chills), Aljazeera for news, and the French channel for documentaries (and a sitcom from Quebec that has French subtitles, so the rest of the francophone world can understand what they’re saying!)

Bon Soir!

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