Adventures in Odd Couples

Years ago, when I was in high school, one of my friends told my about a little road-side sign in Southern Ontario advertising “Taxidermy & Cheese”. It made me chuckle then, and it makes me chuckle now. What an odd combination.

This afternoon, my Mom forwarded me an e-mail involving taxidermy (yes, she really did). It’s been over a decade now that my neurons automatically attach ‘and cheese‘ any time the word ‘taxidermy‘ finds itself in my head. What does your average person do whilst thinking about taxidermy and cheese, and has Google at their fingertips? I don’t know about most people, but this person decided to see if her friend had been telling her a falsehood, and if not, to see if she could find photographic evidence of the sign. He didn’t tell a falsehood, and I did find photographic evidence…but that’s not all. I also discovered that as odd as the pairing is – it’s not the only one!!

Yes, that’s right.

There are multiple taxidermy & cheese combo shops in North America!!!!

Now, when I get a pedicure kit taped to my cream cheese, or a roll of paper towel taped to my tuna in the grocery store here, or find corn and potato wedges on my pizza, I have to remind myself that Korea doesn’t have the monopoly on bizarre combinations.

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