Adventures in Fine Dining

While taking some time to poke around the internet this afternoon, I came across an article detailing the newest trends in tableware. What possessed me to actually click on the link, I’ll never know. Against my better judgment, I did find myself skimming the article, and soon discovered the six hottest things in tableware since the invention of the fork. These trends are condensed below:

– Asian influences
– Wildlife motifs
– Neutral shades
– Designer patterns
– Victorian charm

The list itself wasn’t very interesting. What got me thinking was, “What’s NOT on that list?” In my opinion, those 6 categories cover every plate, saucer and gravy boat in every cupboard, cottage and cabinet. It seems to me that the article could more accurately have been titled “Put anything you want on your table. It’s all good.”

Actually, there is one category that’s not on the list. The author of the article failed to mention “Ugly Things Janice Made in Pottery Class.” And so, in utter rebellion, I’m going to go make a sandwich, and put it on the ugliest pottery mishap I can find. The sandwich will still taste just as good, and my unfashionable table will never know the difference.

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