Adventures in New News…

1) Re: Adventures in Theories that Should Be Explored. December 11, 2007

Glasses don’t make you dumber. The crossword puzzle was easy to finish. I was just having a plain ol’ idiot moment (hour) when I couldn’t find the right files.

2) Re: Adventures in the Curve Balls of Life. December 14, 2007

All seems to be well for the moment. The university has assured us that our contracts will be renewed for March, but it’s unlikely any new contracts will be offered in the future. Still, a year to prepare is better than 2 months! Whew.

3) MY FRIEND LIAM GOT MARRIED TODAY!!! He and his bride both looked fantastic and radiant. It was the first church wedding I’ve been to in Korea, and was a really great bilingual service.

4) I think I’m coming down with my annual ‘End of Semester and Merry Christmas’ cold, so I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and head to bed.

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