Adventures in Theories That Should Be Explored…

Hypothesis: Glasses make you look smarter, but act dumber, so your ‘smart/dumb’ ratio remains the same.

Anecdotal Evidence: Subject A is usually reasonably well organized when it comes to work-related matters, and meticulous in her record keeping. Subject A bought new glasses at noon today. At approximately 7:13pm, Subject A put on the new glasses to finish the days allotment of paperwork. Subject A was perplexed to find that none of the changes she had made earlier in the afternoon had been saved. Subject A assumed that she (while wearing the glasses) had forgotten to save the changes – which would be very unusual. Subject A then spent an hour re-doing the changes, saving frequently with fervent vigour. Upon completion of the days allotment of paperwork, Subject A discovered that she was working with the backup file on her PC, not the working file (where she really had saved all the earlier changes) on her flashdrive.

Conclusion: Glasses, because they suddenly make things easier to read, make your brain lazy. Your brain thinks “Hey, this is easy! Wow, I bet every thing’s easy now! I’m going to take a little vacation! Those glasses are great – they can do everything!”

Applications: Subject A is going to pour herself another cup of tea, and get as far away from the computer as she can.

Further Research possibilities: Subject A is going to wear the glasses while doing her daily crossword puzzle. If she can’t think of the answer to 64-down in a reasonable amount of time, the hypothesis will be supported.

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